How To Setup Account In Simple Way account setup process:

  • Go to and enter the Roku code on it
  • You can use computer system or a laptop with the internet connection
  • Your system should have the good internet strength

     If you have the Roku account then log in

  • If do not have Roku account then create a new Roku account
  • Provide user information and verify the email and complete the process
  • Now select a payment method and provide valid credit card details for account activation
  • In case of PayPal payment, you can provide your PayPal account details
  • Afterward, there is also need to create a Roku transaction PIN
  • It is necessary for authorized transaction
  • After linking process, you will get a congratulation message and your Roku will ready to use
  • Add channels from Roku channel store and enjoy your streaming with Roku streaming player
  • You can access channel store through your Roku streaming device

How To Setup Roku Device

Roku is a streaming device that allows you to stream your shows, movies, videos, and music by connecting internet connection. This is easy to install, set up and activate as well. Usually, users face problems when they want to setup as well as activate account. Being remembering those issues, we will tell you the solution related to Installation and account activation. Before activation, your Roku streaming device is required to setup with your home TV. Let’s start to set up your streaming device first.

Roku setup process:

Here we have some easy guidelines to setup your Roku streaming player. These steps will help you to setup Roku streaming player in an easy way. Scroll down to see steps for the entire process.

1)   Determine Audio/video connection type:

You have to check, your TV should have HDMI port and Composite or component connection. Moreover, you need to carry HDMI cable if your Roku streaming player does not come with this cable. Now hook up composite cable into your TV, many Roku players support composite connection but some may not.

2)   Which type of network are you using?

When you are going to use Roku streaming player, you should have an internet connection. It could be wireless or wired.

  • For wireless connection:

You need to install wireless network setup and should have wireless network username as well as password.

  • For wired connection:

For a wired network, you will need an Ethernet cable for connection and this cable does not come with your Roku streaming player so you have to purchase it by own.

  • Remote setting:

Before move further for the next procedure, you have to complete the remote setting. Moreover, insert the batteries in it and cover up it carefully. Batteries may or may not come with Roku streaming player. Make sure, you have entered the batteries from (-) side.

6)   Connect your Roku streaming player to TV:

Insert one end of HDMI cable in HDMI port of your TV, and the another end of HDMI cable into the back of your Roku streaming player. Now plug in the power adapter and turn on your Roku it will show you the welcome screen with Roku logo.

7)   Connect your streaming player to the internet:

If you are going to use wired internet connection, you should have the Ethernet cable. Now connect one end of this cable to the Ethernet port and another end of this cable into the back of your Roku streaming player.

8)   Wait for software installation:

Once your Roku streaming player gets the internet connection, it will automatically install the latest software itself. After software installation or update, your Roku player will automatically reboot as well as a restart. So, you have to wait for some moments.

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 Roku streaming player after activation

Now we are going to guide you to use Roku streaming player. First of all, you have to add some channel in your Roku channel list. After that, activate channel that you have added. Afterward, start watching your channels through the streaming device. One more this, if you want to add o-demand Roku channels then kindly purchase those from the Roku channels and make your subscription.

Technical support for provided by us

If still, you are facing problem during setup and activation process, take help from technical support to set up and account activation. Regarding any query, you can call us at any time, feel free and make a call on our technical support phone number and get instant help as well as you can use our chat support service for online help.

Support provided by us for some common issues related to

These are some common issues that generally occur. Moreover, we also provide technical support to fix these issues.

  • Roku account activation
  • Roku activation code is not valid
  • Unable to find Roku activation code
  • Support for channel activation
  • Roku freezing issues
  • Wireless network issues
  • Roku playback issues
  • Issues in Roku remote control
  • We will help you to access more than 1000 channels
  • How to find Roku com link
  • Help for error codes
  • How to find URL

Troubleshooting Tips For Roku models ( :

Roku streaming device provides you the collection of audio and video streaming content. Moreover, Roku streaming devices designed with the advanced features that can play any type of content including the high quality as well. Furthermore, the quality of your streaming content also depends on the internet signal quality. If your internet connection is unable to provide the good signal strength, you might face some Roku playback issues. In addition, you might face some network issues during the online streaming. Here we are showing you some conditions in terms of the statements that you might face.

  • Not able to play the specific video
  • Moreover, unable to play any single video from the single channel
  • In addition, frequent buffering issues
  • Not able to play the videos on any channel
  • Besides this, unable to play the video in good quality

Solution to fix the above problems in Roku Players (

Although these issues are easy to resolve, necessary guidance can make your work easier. Therefore, we are providing you the step guidance to tackle your Roku issues in an easy manner. Simply determine your Roku problem and read the steps to solve it. code Help


If you are not able to play the specific video in Roku(  

Most of the users are facing this common problem. Moreover, you can fix this problem is the single step. You need to play another video from the same channel. If another video is playing, you need to contact Roku technical support.You need to try to play the video from another Roku channel. Moreover, you need to check your channel subscription details if you are using the on-demand channel. For your information, if your channel subscription has ended you might face this type of issues. If you are unable to find your problem, you need to take help from Roku technical support.


Frequent buffering issues in Roku ( buffering

If you are finding the frequent buffering of poor video quality issues, you need to check your internet connection first. It might be possible that there is no problem in your Roku device.If you are unable to find your problem, you need to take help from Roku technical support.

Not able to play the videos on any channel ( Roku com link / No videos)

If you are facing this type of problems, you need to follow some steps to fix your problem. Moreover, we are providing the steps.

  • You need to check your network connection first
  • Moreover, find the “Network” under the “settings”
  • Your network connection status should be “Connected”
  • If you are finding the status “Not connected”, you need to try the next step
  • Further, you need to choose “Set up wireless connection” then follow the displayed instructions
  • Furthermore, if your internet connection is busy with the other device, you need to disconnect all that devices from your internet connection
  • You have to restart your router as well as Roku device
  • Open Roku settings to restart your Roku streaming device
  • Find “System” under the Roku settings
  • Select “Power” under the system
  • Afterward, click on “System restart”
  • And again plug in your Roku device
  • Now restart your router

You might face this problem due to the two different reasons. Sometimes it could occur due to the network congestion or buffering on the regular basis across the channels. Now find your solution for both the conditions.

  • You need to reduce the usage of other devices that are currently accessing your internet connection
  • Moreover, you have to improve the quality of your internet connection

Roku remote issues ( Roku

Roku provides two types of the remote controls, standard IR remote control and Enhanced point-anywhere remote control. Moreover, Standard IR remote uses the invisible infrared light to transmit the remote key press. In addition, you can use the point-anywhere remote over the wireless network. Although, these remotes are easy to handle, sometimes users face problems while using it. Therefore, we are providing some guidance to fix your Roku remote issues.

If you are using the standard IR remote, you need to point directly at the front of your device. Usually, Roku users face low or dead batteries issues. The second most common problem is the signal problem. Now we are providing you the solution to fix these problems.

  • Choose the right direction

You have to use your Roku remote at the front of your Roku streaming device. Moreover, this is necessary that there is no obstacle between your Roku device and Roku remote control. Furthermore, you can also move your device in the right direction.


  • Reset your power batteries

If still you are finding the same problem, you can try the different method. Moreover, try to replace or reset your power batteries. Simply open the battery cover of your Roku remote cover and remote the power batteries and again insert into your remote control.

  • Replace your power batteries

After resetting your power batteries, you need to replace your batteries as soon as possible. Moreover, purchase the new power batteries for your Roku remote control. Furthermore, remove the old batteries and insert the new batteries into your remote control.


  • Purchase the new Roku remote control

If still the condition is same, you have to purchase the new Roku remote control. It might be possible that your remote control is unable to work properly.

Solution for Roku Enhanced point-anywhere remote control

Enhanced pint anywhere remote controls are able to connect over the wireless network. Moreover, you need to pair your Roku remote first. After pairing, you will get the pairing message on your screen. Now you need to find the solution to fix your issues.

Reset your Roku remote as well as Roku device

We have few steps to reset your Roku remote control as well as Roku device.

  • Simply open the remote cover from the back side of your Roku remote control
  • Afterward, remove all power cable connections from your Roku device as well as wait for the few seconds
  • Now re-connect your Roku device to the power cables
  • Once, you see the home screen of Roku, again you need to insert the power batteries
  • Furthermore, you need to wait for the few seconds

Re-pair your Roku remote control

  • Again remove the back cover of your Roku remote control
  • Now remove the power connections from your Roku device
  • Further, now you have to setup the power connections
  • When you see the Roku home screen, try to insert the batteries again

Replace your power batteries

If still, you are unable to solve your problems, you have to choose the different method. Moreover, purchase the new power batteries for your remote and replace with the older. roku ,
Amazon Instant Video on roku com link activate
hulu plus roku com link
hbo go com activate
history com activate

Using Netflix on your Roku ( roku)

It’s very simple to activate roku channels in roku player :Follow guidelines and Netflix Activate by link on your Roku player in an easy manner.

  • Access home screen of Roku from the main menu
  • Further, click on Netflix icon first
  • In you are not able to Netflix icon on home screen, you can select it from the Roku channel store
  • Now, you need to follow on-screen guidelines and find the activation code
  • After that, you have to click “Activate a Netflix ready device”
  • Further Enter your Roku activation code which is provided by Roku

Connect your account to Netflix

Amazon Instant Video on roku

  1. Enter and fill in your email address. If you are a new customer, click the first round button and press “Sign in using our secure server” to register. If you have already had an account, fill in your account password to register your TV or device.
  2. Provide required details including your name, mobile phone which is optional and password. Hit the button marked “Create account” to open an Amazon account.

After opening an account or logging in to it, you are allowed to register your devices.

  1. Enter the 5-character code on your devices and press “Continue” to proceed. The code of most participating TV brands can be found by selecting the Amazon Instant Video app, choosing “Register Your Device” and then getting the auto-generated code.
  2. Set up 1-Click Payment Settings which enables you to easily purchase or rent Amazon Instant Videos in the future. Follow the instructions to add a payment method and choose the corresponding billing address.
  3. Create your purchase PIN. Input a 5-digit PIN and press “Save Your PIN”. Of course, you can view or edit it afterwards.
  4. At last, you have the chance to learn about Amazon Prime which provides free two-day shipping and free borrowed e-book monthly apart from the unlimited streaming of movies and videos through Amazon Instant Video.

At last, get ready your registration code to register your devices at and watch the videos now.

Hulu Plus activate Using

  • Push the home button from Roku remote. So, you can see the main screen.
  • Then, choose “streaming channel” to open the channel store.
  • Afterward, enter Hulu plus in “search channel” bar.
  • Hulu Plus is a paid channel therefore, you can pick Buy in order to purchase and later add the channel.
  • To activate Hulu Plus there is need of Roku account PIN. If you do not have Roku account PIN then you will be needed to create Roku account by visiting at

Activate Hulu Plus on the web activation

  • Login to your account and go to my account page.
  • Write Hulu Plus on “search channel” box.
  • Hulu is an on-demand channel.
  • If you wish to watch Hulu Plus you need to buy this channel. You choose to buy in order to acquire and next add the channel.
  • PIN code is must activate the Hulu Plus

If you do not have PIN code then you can get PIN code through account

Activate HBO GO on your Roku using Account

  1. Download HBO GO from the Channel Store on your Roku player.
  2. Open HBO GO on your Roku.
  3. Choose Activate Your Device to get your activation code. Stay on this page until you enter the code on your computer
  4. On your computer, go to
  5. Select Roku and then Continue.
  6. Choose your TV provider and then enter the username and password for your TV provider account. If you don’t know your username and password. If you don’t see your TV provider listed, and then choose Activate Device.
  7. You should see a “Success” message on both your TV and computer. Sometimes it can take a few minutes for activation to complete.

You’re ready to start streaming HBO GO! using Chanel store Account

Open the roku channel store using your account
1. Find channel code
2. Go to history channel for download
3. Once the download is completed then go to my channel list.
4. Find & select
5. Enjoy all your favorite tv shows
If you want to get instant solution on code then you call us on our toll-free number

How you can add channels from your Roku device

  • First and foremost, push the home button to view the main screen.
  • Next, pull down and choose the streaming channel to view the channel store.
  • Afterward, push fast forward or rewind on your Roku remote to jump up one page at a time
  • Moreover, if you wish to know more about channels, push Ok on your Roku remote.
  • Furthermore, when the channel is free, then you have to take: Add channels to install the channels.
  • If the channel is paid, then click on Buy option.
  • Afterward, you need to enter Roku activation code.

Manage from your Roku device:

  • Firstly, press the home key on your Roku remote control to open the main screen.
  • Afterward, find the My Subscriptions option in the given ways:
  • From channel lineup
  • Open the home screen.
  • Find and select the subscription channel.
  • Press star from your Roku remote control.
  • From channel store:
  • Select the streaming channels.
  • Browse the subscription.
  • Push Ok.
  • Moreover, if you find the subscription, then choose Manage subscription to view the details related to channels.
  • Furthermore, choose the Cancel Subscription to unsubscribe. In addition, you can also discard the channel quickly or can wait to keep it in a remainder.

Manage from the Web:

  • Open the browser on your computer device and then move to Roku official site.
  • Afterward, log in your account
  • When a Login page will appear on your screen, tick on Manage your Subscriptions.
  • Furthermore, now, My Subscriptions page appears on your screen. You can also view all your subscriptions with the terms and conditions applied to it.

NOTE: The subscriptions you acquired from the outside of the Roku Channel Store are not accessible on this page.

  • Choose Unsubscribe or any other option according to your choice.

How to  Manage Roku private channel

You cannot view every Roku channels from a Roku channel store few channels are Hidden. Moreover, Roku hidden channel also called as Roku private channels. Some channels want membership as well as they are hidden.

How you can activate Roku private channel

Now you need to add private channels to your Roku. Moreover, that way is often completed in your web browser because there is no another way to access private channel code on the Roku itself. To activate the Roku private channels you have to follow the below instruction:

  • First of all, sign in to your account.
  • After login, open my account page and click on “Add a channel”.
  • Make sure you are using that Roku account which accounts you previously linked with your Roku device.
  • In addition, go to your Roku. The channel will display on your Roku within 24 hours. Whenever it axiomatically checks for modernizing, although you no need to wait.
  • Moreover, if you want to check for download the private channels quickly.
  • Then go to setting
  • Afterward, choose System
  • Then move to system update
  • At last, go to check now option.

After completing the all above steps your Roku axiomatically downloads a latest private channels which channels you are added.

Start watching the private channels

When the private channel is fully installed, that will display on your Roku home screen. Moreover, the private channel also comes from Roku channel store. It will be directly modernized if the update is available.

Add and Remove channels

If you want to add or eliminate channels from your Roku device, then you must create an account on A Roku account act as a cache for your channels details, credit card details, and other details. Moreover, to add a channel, you have to enter the Roku activation code and then channel added to your channel store.

When you find the channel you want to add to your list and want to download then you have to follow the below steps:

  • Go to the channel store.
  • Afterward, select an option Add channel and confirm the selection.
  • Furthermore, for the security, you have to add your PIN code.
  • After that, repeat the above steps as it if you wish to add other channels.
  • Once you complete all above steps, move to the home to exit the channel store.

How you can remove the installed channels

  • All channels added to the home screen, if you want to remove the channels, select the * option from your remote control.
  • Next, select the “Remove channel” option and press the OK button from your Roku remote. It will eliminate the channels axiomatically.
  • Repeat these steps to remove additional channels.
  • But if you want to delete the subscription channels, then you have to discontinue your subscription.

Excluding the installed channels through channel store:

  • Go to the home screen, select the “Streaming Channel” option.
  • Afterward, choose the channels you wish to eliminate and press OK to uninstall them.
  • Click on the remove channel.

Create Your First Private Roku Channel

To install the private channel on your Roku device, follow the instructions given below:

  • A Roku Streaming Player with OS 2.7 or updated
  • Roku Software Development Kit for the documentation
  • Web Browser
  • Text Editor
  • Graphics Program
  • Hosting Provider
  • File compression tools.
  • FTP program.

STEP 1: Create account and setup the directory:

  1. Roku account:
  • First and foremost, you have to create an account on Furthermore, now connect your Roku device to your Roku account.
  • Go for the signup for a developer account of Roku.
  • Once, the signup process completed, enable the developer mode. To enable the developer mode, press some keys on your Roku remote.
  • The key code is as given here: Home 3times, up 2times, Right, Left, Right, Left, and Right.
  1. Directory set up:

You have to create the files for testing the Software Development Kit. Once you create all the directories, download the Software Development Kit on your computer. Now extract all the files into your directory.

STEP 2: Keys and Password for the Development:

To create the keys and password, open your Command Prompt and type telnet 8080. Once all connections established, type genkey at the Command Prompt. Repeat the process again and again until it displays the genkey and password.

STEP 3: Find the SDK directories:

In this directory, open the zip sub directory and extract the “” file into your testing directory. Open your hosting provider directory for the FTP program.

STEP 4: Create your Content:

To create the content, two images and one video file require which support the standard formats.

Moreover, you can also use the graphics program to edit the content.

STEP 5: Edit your SDK files:

Open the XML file and manifest file into the notepad editor. Once you did with the editing, save that document.

STEP 6: Upload the File:

Once the document created, upload it to your hosting provider. All the files go to their respective directories after the file uploaded.

STEP 7: Install the Channel on Roku:

Find the test file directory in which you extract the file. Now, compress all the files and add them to the catalog. Moreover, enter the IP address of Roku and open the Roku development app web page. Furthermore, now find the zip file named as Once you found the file, click on Install. If the installation completed successfully, then the channel will display on your screen.

STEP 8: Access the Channel:

  • First, Sign In to your account. Click on My Channels option and select Manage My Channels.
  • Afterward, now, Click on Private Channel option and select Add Private Channels.
  • Next, add the information related to your Private Channel, then click on the save option. More, click on the Publish button.

Now you can give the code to access your channel on other Roku devices.