How To Setup Account In Simple Way account setup process:

  • Go to and enter the Roku code on it
  • You can use computer system or a laptop with the internet connection
  • Your system should have the good internet strength

     If you have the Roku account then log in

  • If do not have Roku account then create a new Roku account
  • Provide user information and verify the email and complete the process
  • Now select a payment method and provide valid credit card details for account activation
  • In case of PayPal payment, you can provide your PayPal account details
  • Afterward, there is also need to create a Roku transaction PIN
  • It is necessary for authorized transaction
  • After linking process, you will get a congratulation message and your Roku will ready to use
  • Add channels from Roku channel store and enjoy your streaming with Roku streaming player
  • You can access channel store through your Roku streaming device

How To Setup Roku Device

Roku is a streaming device that allows you to stream your shows, movies, videos, and music by connecting internet connection. This is easy to install, set up and activate as well. Usually, users face problems when they want to setup as well as activate account. Being remembering those issues, we will tell you the solution related to Installation and account activation. Before activation, your Roku streaming device is required to setup with your home TV. Let’s start to set up your streaming device first.

Roku setup process:

Here we have some easy guidelines to setup your Roku streaming player. These steps will help you to setup Roku streaming player in an easy way. Scroll down to see steps for the entire process.

1)   Determine Audio/video connection type:

You have to check, your TV should have HDMI port and Composite or component connection. Moreover, you need to carry HDMI cable if your Roku streaming player does not come with this cable. Now hook up composite cable into your TV, many Roku players support composite connection but some may not.

2)   Which type of network are you using?

When you are going to use Roku streaming player, you should have an internet connection. It could be wireless or wired.

  • For wireless connection:

You need to install wireless network setup and should have wireless network username as well as password.

  • For wired connection:

For a wired network, you will need an Ethernet cable for connection and this cable does not come with your Roku streaming player so you have to purchase it by own.

  • Remote setting:

Before move further for the next procedure, you have to complete the remote setting. Moreover, insert the batteries in it and cover up it carefully. Batteries may or may not come with Roku streaming player. Make sure, you have entered the batteries from (-) side.

6)   Connect your Roku streaming player to TV:

Insert one end of HDMI cable in HDMI port of your TV, and the another end of HDMI cable into the back of your Roku streaming player. Now plug in the power adapter and turn on your Roku it will show you the welcome screen with Roku logo.

7)   Connect your streaming player to the internet:

If you are going to use wired internet connection, you should have the Ethernet cable. Now connect one end of this cable to the Ethernet port and another end of this cable into the back of your Roku streaming player.

8)   Wait for software installation:

Once your Roku streaming player gets the internet connection, it will automatically install the latest software itself. After software installation or update, your Roku player will automatically reboot as well as a restart. So, you have to wait for some moments.

 Roku streaming player after activation

Now we are going to guide you to use Roku streaming player. First of all, you have to add some channel in your Roku channel list. After that, activate channel that you have added. Afterward, start watching your channels through the streaming device. One more this, if you want to add o-demand Roku channels then kindly purchase those from the Roku channels and make your subscription.

Technical support for provided by us

If still, you are facing problem during setup and activation process, take help from technical support to set up and account activation. Regarding any query, you can call us at any time, feel free and make a call on our technical support phone number and get instant help as well as you can use our chat support service for online help.

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These are some common issues that generally occur. Moreover, we also provide technical support to fix these issues.

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